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Gary J. Pieples Helps USA Today with a Small Claims Court Explainer

Friday 11/2/2018

“Television shows don’t really give you a real accurate picture,” said Gary J. Pieples, director of the Securities Arbitration and Consumer Clinic at the Syracuse University College of Law. “In real small claims court, the judge is just trying to solve a problem” ...

Gary Pieples

Motherboard Speaks to William C. Banks About Social Media Surveillance

Wednesday 10/31/2018

“There is cause for concern due to the ambiguities embedded in the law and the federal guidance supplied through civilian and military agencies on homeland defense,“ Banks warned. “It is not unusual for doctrines like this to be quietly updated and they do this almost every year. But these changes are always worth monitoring due to the risk to democracy.”

William C. Banks

Military Times Interviews William C. Banks About Troops at the US Border

Wednesday 10/31/2018

Responding to immigration influxes has typically been the purview of the National Guard, such as Operation Jump Start from 2006-2008 under former President George W. Bush, said William Banks, author of “Soldiers on the Home Front: The Domestic Role of the American Military” ...

William C. Banks

Keith Bybee Speaks to the BBC World Service in the Wake of Attempted Mail Bombings

Tuesday 10/30/2018

Vice Dean Keith J. Bybee spoke to the BBC World Service program Business Matters on Oct. 26, 2018. Bybee was asked whether a breakdown of political comity, etiquette, and civility has led to a crisis in American politics and civil life, and, specifically, to the recent attempted assassinations against politicians ...

Keith Bybee

Corri Zoli Discusses Mail Bomb Attacks & Domestic Terrorism on Spectrum News

Monday 10/29/2018

“Is this a retaliatory attack for those attacks? This is the problem with polarization. You get these kind of escalating dynamics…clearly this is an expression of partisanship gone awry,” said Zoli ...

Corri Zoli

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