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College of Law News

2Ls William Wolfe & Omar Mosqueda Featured in Bar Reporter

Tuesday 4/9/2019

Syracuse was at first unfamiliar to [second-year College of Law] law students William Wolfe and Omar Mosqueda. The OCBA Diversity and Inclusion Committee together with the William Herbert Johnson Bar Association earlier this year recommended both 2Ls for the CNY Legal Diversity Internship Program ...

OCBA Bar Report March 2019

Cora True-Frost Pens OpEd on the Rwandan Genocide Anniversary

Monday 4/8/2019

This first week of April marks the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, a three-month long massacre during which Hutu militants killed an estimated 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus after the Hutu president was killed. The international community responded to the atrocities late, and then sought accountability after the genocide by establishing the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda (ICTR) to try those most responsible ...

Cora True-Frost

Roy Gutterman Speaks to Spectrum About Ending the Release of Mugshots

Friday 4/5/2019

... “I see a slippery slope. That if the government is going to wake up one day and say ‘Well, maybe we don’t want this information to go out’ maybe other types of important public information will be withheld too,” said Roy Gutterman, Syracuse University media professor ...

Roy Gutterman

Shubha Ghosh Weighs In on Charter Spectrum Controversy

Thursday 3/28/2019

“The PSC needed to take action to show it took access to cable services seriously. Charter, some perceived, was not moving fast enough under the terms of the approved merger to provide access to cable and Internet in underserved rural communities ...”

Shubha Ghosh

Corri Zoli Interviewed by CNY Central About the New Zealand Mosque Shootings

Thursday 3/21/2019

“I think this is a kind of classic terrorist tactic that we’ve been seeing since you know 2010 at the least where ISIS and al-Qaeda. I remember in the Toulouse attacks in France, for instance, where they recorded the attacks against a Jewish school with a GoPro video” ...

Corri Zoli

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