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"A Worrisome Case": William C. Banks Examines Election Season Mail Bomb Attempts with Bloomberg Law

Thursday 10/25/2018

William Banks, a professor at Syracuse Law School, discusses law enforcement efforts after several high-profile democrats, public figures, and the CNN newsroom in New York received apparent explosive devices over the course of several days ...

William C. Banks

Peter Blanck Discusses Law Firms & Disability with ABA Journal

Thursday 10/25/2018

Society has placed a stigma on disability, an obstacle that stops many disabled attorneys from telling their firms, says Peter Blanck, a Syracuse University College of Law professor and chairman of the university’s Burton Blatt Institute, which works to better the lives of people with disabilities. He says lawyers with mental health disabilities—who often don’t even recognize their condition as a disability—face the biggest stigma, while there’s less stigma attached to physical disabilities like blindness, hearing loss and mobility ...

Peter Blanck

Nina Kohn Pens Article on JDinteractive for NYSBA Journal

Tuesday 10/23/2018

This article describes the program and its implications for the legal profession and those the profession serves. Specifically, it discusses the potential of this rigorous, yet flexible, approach to legal education ...

Nina A. Kohn

Andrew Horsfall L'10 Discusses the Growing Interest in the College's Two-Year J.D. Program

Friday 10/19/2018

Assistant Dean of International Programs Andrew Horsfall L’10 discusses the growing interest in the College’s two-year J.D. program among foreign-trained attorneys.

Andrew Horsfall

Bloomberg Discusses the Mueller Probe's Effect on the Midterms with William C. Banks

Wednesday 10/17/2018

William Banks, a professor at Syracuse University Law School, discusses the latest progress in the Mueller Probe, and how the probe, which began in the spring of 2017, could impact the midterm elections.

William C. Banks

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