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College of Law News

Cora True-Frost Explains Extradition in Story About Binghamton University Murder Case

Thursday 3/22/2018

“When you have the murder of a US citizen by a US citizen on US soil, you have a very strong case for extraditing the individual,” said True-Frost, an international law expert who is not involved in the Tercero case ...

C. Cora True-Frost

The Red Line? William C. Banks Discusses the Trump Organization Subpoena with Bloomberg Law

Friday 3/16/2018

“William Banks, a professor at Syracuse University Law School, discusses a New York Times report that details new Subpoenas issued by special counsel Robert Mueller, including ones involving the Trump Organization, which the President has said he would see as a red line in the investigation.”

William C. Banks

Lauryn Gouldin's Research on Flight Risk Profiled by SU News

Thursday 3/15/2018

Professor examines state of bail, pretrial detention, and reform measures.

“Bail originally was a way to secure someone’s release, and it’s now become this path to detention,” Gouldin says. “Our current system is pretty well divorced from whatever logic originally justified bail.”

Lauryn Gouldin

Kevin Noble Maillard Discusses "The Many Colors of Matrimony" with National Geographic

Tuesday 3/13/2018

... Maillard suggests that the growing acceptance of interracial marriage in the past 50 years—and of same-sex marriage in the past dozen years—has been influenced by shifting social norms and by public and media validation. Partners of different races or ethnicities are nothing new, he notes: “But it’s very different when there’s public recognition of these relationships and when they become representations of regular families—when they’re the people in the Cheerios commercial” ...

Kevin Noble Maillard

NYSSTLC Featured in FuzeHub Connections Blog

Thursday 3/8/2018

At the Solutions Forum, Monroe met with Molly Zimmermann, Associate Director of the New York State Science and Technology Law Center (NYSSTLC) at the Syracuse University College of Law (SUCOL), and Glenn Saunders, Senior Engineer with the Center for Automation and Technology Systems (CATS) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) ...

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