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College of Law News

Men's Health Magazine "Texts" Nina Kohn

Thursday 2/1/2018

Associate Dean for Research and Online Education and David M. Levy L’48 Professor of Law Nina Kohn was recently contacted by Men’s Health magazine for its light-hearted but useful “Text a Lawyer” section. The question was about slip-and-falls on a person’s property, and appropriate subject for a Syracuse law expert in the middle of winter ...

Nina Kohn

William C. Banks Discusses FISA, Wiretapping, & Carter Page With The New York Times

Tuesday 1/30/2018

... “Carter Page was doing business in Russia, talking to Russian diplomats who may have been involved in intelligence activities directed at the United States,” Mr. Banks said. “Game over. The standards are incredibly open-ended” ...

William C. Banks

“An Amorphous Concept”: William C. Banks Weighs In on Executive Privilege in The Washington Times

Friday 1/26/2018

“Executive privilege is an amorphous concept,” said William Banks, a professor at the Syracuse University College of Law and a former special counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee. “It has never been tested the way it could soon be tested” ...

William Banks

William C. Banks Updates Bloomberg on Jeff Sessions Meeting with Robert Mueller

Wednesday 1/24/2018

William Banks, a professor at Syracuse University Law School, discusses Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. This week, reports emerged that prosecutors working for Mueller spoke with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, making him the first Trump cabinet official to be interviewed by Mueller. He speaks with Bloomberg’s June Grasso on Bloomberg Radio’s “Politics, Policy, Power and Law” ...

William Banks

Christian C. Day Speaks to The New York Times About the Bitcoin Bubble

Tuesday 1/16/2018

... I called Christian Day, a professor at Syracuse University law school who has written about bubbles and panics. He said that comparing Bitcoin to the tulip craze was unfair to tulips: “The Dutch were not as crazy as they’ve been portrayed” ...

Chris Day

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