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Global Accountability Project Details Evidence of Russian War Crimes in Ukraine

Tuesday 4/19/2022

The Global Accountability Project is hard at work documenting actions by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his military that could be evidence in a war crimes trial, highlighted in this radio interview and accompanying article by WAER.

David Crane Provides Remarks to NYT and 1a Podcast by NPR on Russian Rights Abuses in Ukraine

Thursday 4/14/2022

College of Law Distinguished Scholar in Residence David Crane L’80 provides remarks to both the New York Times and the 1a podcast by NPR on ‘clear patterns’ of Russian rights abuses in Ukraine, and whether President Vladimir Putin be tried for Russian war crimes.

Professor Nina Kohn Offers Insight on Lawsuits Against Nursing Homes from Covid-19 Fallout

Wednesday 4/13/2022

In a Wall Street Journal article addressing growing numbers of lawsuits against nursing homes amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Professor Nina Kohn provides insight from an elder-law perspective.

Professor Shubha Ghosh weighs in on Elon Musk’s Twitter Poll as a Proxy Solicitation

Tuesday 4/5/2022

In a Benzinga article, Crandall Melvin Professor of Law Shubha Ghosh discussed Elon Musk’s recent Twitter poll in advance of news of his purchase of a 9% stake in Twitter.

Professor Shubha Ghosh

Vice Dean Keith Bybee Provides Insights to the Law 360 Article "Supreme Court Ethics Push Grows After Thomas Revelations"

Thursday 3/31/2022

Vice Dean Keith Bybee discusses efforts to enact an ethics code for the Supreme Court and the many issues it would raise.

Vice Dean Keith Bybee

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