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The Appeal Cites Lauryn Gouldin in Bail Reform Article

Wednesday 1/9/2019

... In fact, the percentage of FTAs resulting from defendants absconding is exceedingly low, notes Syracuse University College of Law professor Lauryn Gouldin, author of a 2018 law review article on flight risk ...

Lauryn Gouldin

Corri Zoli Analyzes Immigration Debate on WAER

Wednesday 1/9/2019

A Syracuse University researcher is trying to take the politics and emotions out of illegal immigration and border security, even with the president’s address to the nation Tuesday evening ...

Corri Zoli

William C. Banks Contributes to The New York Times' Emergency Powers Explainer

Tuesday 1/8/2019

... In light of those statutes and similar ones that give presidents flexibility to redirect funds in a crisis, the Trump administration could point to serious arguments to back up Mr. Trump if he invokes emergency powers to build a wall, said William C. Banks ...

William C. Banks

Mythbusting: INSCT, IVMF Veterans Research Reported by Military Times

Monday 1/7/2019

On one hand, studies by Gallup, Pew Research and others have shown there is “enormous public support (for the military) but at the same time a tremendous gap in knowledge about who we’re supporting,” said Corri Zoli, director of research at Syracuse’s Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism. “They don’t have a lot of granular detail about who they’re supporting and why.”

Corri Zoli

Peter Blanck Comments on College Website Accessibility Lawsuits

Monday 12/10/2018

... “It’s beside the point whether there are 50 or 1,000 lawsuits,” said Blanck. “These cases are reflective of a larger systemic problem—that there is a lack of a strong commitment by many institutions to try to be as inclusive as possible” ...

Peter Blanck

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