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College of Law News

Commentary: Like the Warmbiers, Former CIA Detainees Deserve Chance to Seek Justice

Monday 5/20/2019

In the headlines again recently was the tragic case of University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier, when it was disclosed that North Korea billed the United States $2 million for his medical treatment while a captive ...

David Crane

Professor Arlene Kanter Calls for CRPD Ratification in Touro Law Review

Thursday 5/16/2019

Kanter’s article concludes with an immediate call for the Senate to ratify the CRPD in order to fulfill its duty to Americans with disabilities ...

Arlene Kanter

Commentary: Aiming for Trump's Achilles' Heel

Wednesday 5/15/2019

Throughout his adult life, Donald Trump has escaped the consequences of his actions. Trump has run out the clock on several grand juries. Trials and audits showed he hid records. He has lied under oath, ratted out others, required associates to sign lifetime secrecy agreements and shielded his finances thanks to the secrecy and complexity of tax law ...

David Cay Johnston

Professor David Driesen Discusses "Rethinking Impeachment" with Politico

Friday 5/10/2019

“I think the courts—especially conservative judges—are more likely to give weight to an impeachment inquiry than the claim that this is somehow relevant to legislation” ...

David Driesen

William C. Banks Discusses Trump, Barr, & Executive Privilege with Bloomberg Law

Thursday 5/9/2019

William C. Banks discusses the clash between House Democrats and Attorney General William Barr over a subpoena for the unredacted version of the Mueller report and Trump’s decision to assert executive privilege. He speaks with Bloomberg’s June Grasso.

William C. Banks

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