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The Hon. James E. Baker Discusses Biden’s Use of the DPA with the Economist

Tuesday 6/21/2022

President Joe Biden has repeatedly invoked the Defence Production Act (DPA), previously used mainly as a procurement tool for the armed forces, to manage the economy throughout his current presidency. Speaking to the Economist, the Hon. James E. Baker explains, “given the depth of America’s supply problems today, it is good public policy to test the limits of the DPA, to see what it can accomplish.”

The Hon. James E. Baker

William C. Banks joined CBS News to discuss the legal implications of House select committee hearings on the Capitol riot

Tuesday 6/14/2022

Professor Emeritus William C. Banks joined CBS News live before the first House select committee hearing on the January 6 Capitol riot.

Professor William Banks

Professor Roy Gutterman L’00 Discusses Potential Future of Defamation Law with People Magazine After Depp v. Heard Verdict

Wednesday 6/8/2022

Professor Roy Gutterman L’00, Director of the Tully Center for Free Speech, tells People Magazine that the recent verdict that Amber Heard defamed Johnny Depp in her December 2018 op-ed for the Washington Post was “shocking” to some.

Roy Gutterman

Professor Nina Kohn Offers Comments to Lever News on Nursing Home Deregulation in Florida

Wednesday 6/1/2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently extended protections for the nursing home industry from COVID-19 related liability lawsuits, in addition to reducing the amount of resident care the facilities are required to provide residents. According to Professor Nina Kohn, this is a dangerous step in the wrong direction for resident well-being.

Vice Dean Keith Bybee Speaks with the Law Student Podcast on the SCOTUS Leak

Tuesday 5/31/2022

Vice Dean Keith Bybee, Paul E. and Hon. Joanne F. Alper ’72 Judiciary Studies Professor, recently discussed the leak of the draft Roe decision with the Law Student Podcast.

Vice Dean Keith Bybee

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