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College of Law News

Nina Kohn Cited in Pacific Standard's Presidential Age Cap Article

Tuesday 2/26/2019

... “Chronological age is seen as an expedient and acceptable proxy for a variety of underlying human characteristics that policymakers wish to target for public policy interventions, and age-based criteria continue to be entrenched in U.S. public policy,” writes Kohn in an analysis of age-based discrimination ...

Nina A. Kohn

Foreign Policy Discusses Southern Border Troop Deployment with William C. Banks

Tuesday 2/26/2019

... But William Banks, an emeritus professor at Syracuse University’s College of Law and Maxwell School, believes there is no “clear, positive legal authority” for active-duty US troops to be at the US-Mexico border. The surveillance and detection role could pose a particular problem, he added ...

William C. Banks

Knowledge@Wharton: David Driesen on the "Green New Deal"

Friday 2/22/2019

... But many climate-change policies elsewhere in the world are ambitious and have multiple goals, according to David M. Driesen, professor at Syracuse University’s College of Law, who focuses on environmental law, law and economics, and constitutional law ...

David Driesen

Roy Gutterman Speaks to WSJ About Clarence Thomas' Press Freedom Opinion

Wednesday 2/20/2019

The precedent Justice Thomas challenged “gives the press wide flexibility to comment on and criticize people in power. Since 1964, Times v. Sullivan has become part of our fabric, not only in First Amendment law, but American democratic principles,” said Roy Gutterman, director of the Tully Center for Free Speech at Syracuse University ...

Roy Gutterman

As Trump Turns to a National Emergency, the Media Turns to William C. Banks

Friday 2/15/2019

The national emergency declaration would be unusual in this case, as the southern border crisis lacks the immediacy of a catastrophe such as Sept. 11, 2001. The declaration may also be unconstitutional, and it probably will be challenged in the courts. National security expert Professor Emeritus William C. Banks has been in demand by top media outlets to explain the what, when, and how of declaring a national emergency ...

William C. Banks

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