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College of Law News

Kurt Wimmer L’85 Explains “Vexing” Privacy and Technology Issues to DCEx Students

Saturday 8/8/2020

Kurt Wimmer L’85 is as much a visionary as the Fortune 100 companies and multinationals he advises. Decades ago, when nascent intelligent technologies first appeared, he understood and anticipated their impact on privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity ...


Kurt Wimmer L'85

Mask Exemptions: Professor Doron Dorfman's Research Quoted by CNBC

Friday 8/7/2020

In an article published on July 10, 2020 entitled “Mask Exemptions During the Covid-19 Pandemic—A New Frontier for Clinicians,” authors Dr. Mical Raz and attorney Doron Dorfman argue people with these conditions may have even more reason to mask up ...


Doron Dorfman

Joanne Van Dyke L'87 Elected to NALAE National Leadership

Thursday 8/6/2020

Joanne Van Dyke L’87, a long-time coach in Syracuse University College of Law’s 15th-ranked Advocacy Program and Founding Partner of Cote & Van Dyke LLP, has been elected to the position of National Association of Legal Advocacy Educators Region 2 Representative, part of the inaugural NALAE leadership team.


Professor Roy Gutterman L'00 in WaPo: Safeguarding Free Speech

Wednesday 8/5/2020

There is something ironic, if not Kafkaesque or Orwellian, about an executive order, imbued with language extolling free speech, that proposes an opposite effect by also calling on the federal government to monitor and regulate Internet and social media platforms ...


Roy Gutterman

Professor William C. Banks to Participate in "Law and Logics of Attribution" Conference

Wednesday 8/5/2020

Professor Emeritus William C. Banks will be among the presenters at the University of Georgia School of Law conference on “The Law and Logics of Attribution: Constructing the Identity and Responsibility of States and Firms.” The conference will be held online via Zoom on Sept. 11 and 18, 2020, from 1 to 5 p.m. both days.


William C. Banks

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