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College of Law News

Vice Dean Keith J. Bybee Comments in USA Today on the Lack of a Supreme Court Code of Ethics

Thursday 6/23/2022

In a recent survey of judges across the United States conducted by the National Judicial College and highlighted by USA Today, more than 97% responded “yes” to the question of whether the Supreme Court justices should be bound by a code of conduct. According to the U.S. constitution, a justice does not have to be a lawyer or attend law school to become a Supreme Court justice, so they are not bound by the ethics required of attorneys.


Vice Dean Keith Bybee

ABA Journal Features Comments from Professor Nina Kohn on the Biden Administration’s Proposed Nursing Home Reforms

Wednesday 6/22/2022

As chair of the ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice’s Elder Affairs Committee, Professor Nina Kohn has helped draw attention to policies that closely align with nursing home reforms the Biden administration announced in February.


Professor Nina Kohn

Professor of Law Emeritus William Banks speaks with CBS News About Legal Implications of the Third Jan. 6th Committee Hearing

Wednesday 6/22/2022

Professor of Law Emeritus William Banks spoke with CBS News anchor Jamie Yuccas regarding the legal implications of the findings from the third hearing of the House select committee hearings on the January 6th Capitol riots.


Professor of Law Emeritus William Banks

The Hon. James E. Baker Discusses Biden’s Use of the DPA with the Economist

Tuesday 6/21/2022

President Joe Biden has repeatedly invoked the Defence Production Act (DPA), previously used mainly as a procurement tool for the armed forces, to manage the economy throughout his current presidency. Speaking to the Economist, the Hon. James E. Baker explains, “given the depth of America’s supply problems today, it is good public policy to test the limits of the DPA, to see what it can accomplish.”


The Hon. James E. Baker

William C. Banks joined CBS News to discuss the legal implications of House select committee hearings on the Capitol riot

Tuesday 6/14/2022

Professor Emeritus William C. Banks joined CBS News live before the first House select committee hearing on the January 6 Capitol riot.


Professor William Banks

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