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A Message from Dean Boise Regarding the Murder Conviction of Derek Chauvin

Posted on Wednesday 4/21/2021
College of Law

Dear College of Law Community,

Yesterday, a guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin case was rendered. Today, my thoughts are with the family of George Floyd, hoping that they may find peace in yesterday’s pronouncement. While justice may have been served, we know that they continue to grieve—and to suffer and to fear as do so many of our Black citizens, neighbors, families, and friends. 

The verdict is but one step along the path toward greater law enforcement accountability for interactions with Black people and people of color in this country. A critical component of progress will be the continued reform of policing practices at all levels, including here in Syracuse and Central New York. We will continue to move that work forward through the ABA Legal Education Police Practices Consortium and other initiatives.

As a College of Law Community that dedicates itself to the rule of law, our mandate as citizens and as professionals is as clear as ever: to examine, to question, and to press forward for justice as a universal good.  

Together and individually, our commitment must be reflected in our actions, as only action will address the deeply ingrained racial injustices that surround us. We also must hold ourselves accountable for creating and fostering—right here—a Community where all of us feel safe and supported in that pursuit.  

In solidarity,

Craig M. Boise
Dean and Professor of Law
College of Law