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Chantal Wentworth-Mullin Publishes on the VA and Technology in Michigan Bar Journal

Posted on Friday 6/4/2021
Chantal Wentworth-Mullin
"Technology Marches Ahead at VA: Is It Leaving Some Veterans and Advocates Behind?" Michigan Bar Journal, vol. 100, no. 5. 

On the modernization landing page of its website, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs states that “modernization is delivering a stronger future by transforming VA into a high-performing organization that is simplifying operations and empowering employees to deliver superior customer service, while enabling veterans to more easily access the high-quality care and benefits they have earned.”

With the VA modernization goal in mind, Chantal Wentworth-Mullin's article focuses on existing and emerging technology within the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA); electronic access to veterans’ claim files; VA use of artificial intelligence optical reading technologies; the direct upload process; and virtual hearings. 

Many of the changes VA has implemented have provided greater efficiency for veterans and their families; for others, they have created roadblocks to advocacy ...