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Liberty University Prevails in Inaugural Transatlantic Negotiation Competition

Posted on Thursday 3/25/2021
TANC Graphic

Liberty University School of Law of Lynchburg, VA, won the inaugural Transatlantic Negotiation Competition (TANC), hosted by Syracuse University College of Law and Queen's University, Belfast, across March 19-21, 2021. Students from Symbiosis Law School from Hyderabad, India, were the runners-up. 

Over the weekend, the Competition gathered 80 students and close to 100 judges from 23 countries—spanning seven times zones, nine languages, and three continents, along with every corner of the United States.  

Giving law students from across the globe the opportunity to hone negotiation and communication skills in a transnational setting, TANC places particular emphasis on the importance of cross-cultural negotiation and communication to resolve disputes and facilitate client agreements.

"As expected, the final round was expertly negotiated and very close. Congratulations to Liberty University, as well as to runner up, Symbiosis Law School," says Professor Todd Berger, Director of Advocacy Programs, Syracuse Law. "I am grateful to competitor teams for their hard work, expert negotiation, and spirit of international cooperation. Thank you also to judges and volunteers who made this inaugural competition run smoothly, and especially to our friends and colleagues at Queen's University, Belfast. We look forward to seeing everyone in future years." 

“We were pleased to partner with Syracuse University College of Law on the inaugural Transatlantic Negotiation Competition. Thanks to our collaborators and volunteers, the Competition proved an excellent platform in which to offer students practice in essential international and cross-cultural negotiation skills,” says Alexys Santos, President and Coach, Alternative Dispute Resolution Society, Queen's University, Belfast. Adds Vice President Kevin Marshall, “Throughout the weekend, the students conducted themselves expertly in terms of cultural competency, diplomacy, and respect. Well done to Liberty University, Symbiosis Law School, and all the teams.”

In each round, teams faced each other to resolve problems presented in simulations of fact patterns commonly encountered in international business, trade, or political disputes. Teams were evaluated by a panel of three judges, with at least one judge from either Europe or the United States.

"I am thrilled with the success of the inaugural Transatlantic Negotiation Competition, thanks in no small part to the hard work of Intercollegiate Competition Director Tyler Jefferies, Alternative Dispute Resolution Division Director Allison Kowalczyk, and assistance from our wonderful partners at Queens University, Belfast: Alexys Santos and Kevin Marshall," says 3L Joseph Tantillo, Executive Director, Travis H.D. Lewin Advocacy Honor Society, Syracuse Law. "For Professor Berger and me, this competition marks a new chapter for Syracuse’s Advocacy Honor Society, one in which student advocates use technology to build bridges with colleagues from across the globe. Congratulations to Liberty University School of Law and all our participants. We look forward to welcoming teams back next year."