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Professor Nina Kohn Discusses #FreeBritney with CBS News, Other Media

Posted on Wednesday 7/21/2021
Nina Kohn

What does Britney Spears need to do to end her conservatorship?

(CBS News | July 16, 2021) Britney Spears scored a major victory this week in the fight to end her conservatorship when a judge approved her bid to hire her own legal counsel for the first time since 2008. Spears, 39, has called the legal arrangement abusive and now faces the tough task of convincing the judge she no longer needs conservators to manage her career and finances ...

... The conservatorship was put into place in 2008, while Spears struggled with her mental health. In order for her to end it, she must prove she is capable of caring for herself, will be able to handle her wealth and will not be at risk if the arrangement is removed, said Nina Kohn, a law professor at Syracuse University who specializes in the civil rights of those with diminished mental capacity and elder law. 

"As a practical matter, what you're looking to show is that she can make decisions for herself," said Kohn. "Most of us don't make decisions in a vacuum. We look to other people we trust for help and support. So the fact that she might need support to make decisions doesn't mean that she can't make decisions for herself ...

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