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“We need to be more ambitious": Professor Nina Kohn Speaks to Syracuse.com About Nursing Home Vaccines

Posted on Monday 4/26/2021
Nina Kohn

Not enough CNY nursing home workers get Covid-19 shots; ‘We are in race against time’

(Syracuse.com | April 22, 2021) Nearly 40% of Central New York nursing home employees are still not vaccinated against Covid-19, four months after the government made them a top priority in its massive vaccine roll-out.

While 87% of Central New York nursing home residents have been vaccinated, only 64% of staffers have gotten shots, according to the state Health Department. Fewer than one-third of staffers at some homes in the region have been vaccinated.

The wide gap in vaccination rates is worrisome because employees often unwittingly bring the virus to work and could expose vulnerable residents to another deadly outbreak ...

... Nina Kohn, a Syracuse University law professor and expert in elder law, believes nursing homes should make staff vaccinations mandatory, subject to religious and medical exemptions.

“We need to be more ambitious about this,” she said ...

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