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The Washington Post Speaks to Professor Shubha Ghosh About Apple Anti-Trust Case

Posted on Tuesday 5/4/2021
Shubha Ghosh

Apple takes its fight with Epic Games over the App Store to court

(The Washington Post | May 3, 2021) “Fortnite” maker Epic Games and Apple kicked off their three-week trial Monday in a courtroom battle that could have far reaching implications for the iPhone maker’s business model and U.S. antitrust law.

In opening statements in a federal courthouse in Oakland, Calif., Epic painted Apple as a monopolist that concocted a plan to lure software developers and customers into iOS, its mobile operating system, and then lock them in with onerous and restrictive rules.

Apple painted Epic as an opportunist looking to cut costs with a court case that could destroy iOS and endanger consumers by forcing allowing harmful and malicious apps onto their phones ...

... “At some level, this is a run of the mill antitrust case, in the sense that the issues are fairly standard,” said Shubha Ghosh, a law professor at Syracuse University who focuses on antitrust issues. “Though the facts are unique, and the potential outcome could be very interesting for tech companies like Apple" ...

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"The current climate is certainly one where antitrust is on the rise and there is a concern with bigness as well as issues of price and distribution," said Shubha Ghosh, director of Syracuse University's Intellectual Property Law Institute. "Even though this just involves video games, it could have implications for other platform-based markets and companies like Amazon."