Our College

Within one of the world’s great universities. . . Transform your thinking. Transform your future. Dineen Hall, our radically, reimagined 21st-century law school environment, symbolizes Syracuse Law’s global, entrepreneurial, future-oriented legal education.

To study the law is to join the ranks of some of the best minds in history – leaders, idealists, inventors, entrepreneurs, dreamers, agents of change, heroes.  This is the tradition you enter at Syracuse Law.

We believe an outstanding legal education is as dynamic as the law itself. Syracuse Law puts you at the center of an intellectual, professional, personal, and cultural experience that will make you a better lawyer and a better leader throughout your lifetime. Just as you will in the real world, here you’ll partner with thinkers from other fields – students from our top-ranked graduate schools such as Maxwell and Newhouse. You can add even greater depth to your professional education by earning a joint degree at one of these schools -- literally two degrees for the price of one.

Syracuse Law sits at an enviable position for law schools: rigorous, intimate, and friendly. Your mentors will be faculty known for extraordinary teaching who also happen to be thought leaders in their fields. Ranked among the best in the country for our trial and appellate program, we’re also a leader in emerging fields such as National Security Law, and Technology Commercialization Law.

We won’t kid you, it snows in the winter here, but with the prestige, student life, amenities, and a lower cost of city living while you earn your degree/s, we say bundle up -- it’s worth it. From big law firms to solo practice startups; from clerkships to public advocacy; from international banking to Capitol Hill to Hollywood studios, the knowledge, practice, and network you gain here is an incomparable experience and education designed to endure.

That’s the Power of Orange.