How to Apply as a Joint Degree Student

Joint degrees are a great opportunity for students to earn another graduate degree while earning their law degree.

‚ÄčInterested students can either apply at the same time as to the College of Law, or during the first year of law school. Joint degree students must begin at the College of Law and will consider the College of Law their home school.

Applying prior to law school:

Students interested in applying to a joint degree program prior to law school may be required to take a specific entrance exam, such as the GRE or GMAT. The best way to find out if the program you're interested in requires an entrance exam is to inquire with the individual master's program contact. This option to apply prior to law school tends to be less common. Students who choose to apply early usually have a specific career plan in mind.

Applying during the first year of law school:

Students can also choose to apply to a joint degree program during the first year of law school and must petition with the College of Law Office of Student Life to pursue a joint degree. This internal process requires students to have at least a 2.50 law school GPA. Students must apply separately to the master's program of interest. For more details on the internal joint degree requirements, please see page 27 of the Academic Handbook.

If you have specific questions regarding master's degree admissions requirements as a joint degree candidate, or the curriculum for any of the programs that offer a joint degree with the College of Law, feel free to contact the designated contact person below:

Joint Degree


Email address

M.S. in Accounting or FinanceShri Ramakrishnan, Assistant Director of Graduate
M.S. in Business Administration Shri Ramakrishnan, Assistant Director of Graduate
M.S. in CommunicationsGraduate Records Office, Public
M.S. in Cultural Foundations of Education with an optional Certificate in Disability StudiesMichael Schwartz, Professor at College of Law, Director of Disability Rights
M.S. in Engineering & Computer ScienceCan Isik, Professor at College of Engineering & Computer
M.S., M.P.S., Certificate, in Environmental ScienceDr. Robert Malmsheimer, Professor & Pre-Law Advisor at SUNY
M.A. in International RelationsChristine Omolino, Director of Admissions & Financial
Master of Public Administration Christine Omolino, Director of Admissions & Financial
M.S. in Library & Information ScienceJose Tavarez, Academic Advisor at School of Information
M.S. in Forensic ScienceMichael Sponsler, Director of Curricular
M.A. in Philosophy or Doctor of PhilosophyThomas McKay, Professor of
Master of Social WorkAdrienne Renfroe, Graduate Admissions & Recruitment

More information on our joint degree programs.

Review the Graduate Admissions Application website for more details on graduate programs and steps to apply.