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Accesslex Grant Helps Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Working to increase the diversity of the College of Law’s student body, our alumni base, and the legal profession at large continues to be a top priority for the College of Law.

In 2019 the College entered into the 3+3 Opportunity Program with three Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Atlanta, GA: Spelman College, Morehouse College, and Clark Atlanta University. This 3+3 model offers qualifying students a six-year path for successive undergraduate and law degrees.

To help promote the success of 3+3 program students, the College of Law applied for and has received a grant from AccessLex Institute. With the new Diversity Pipeline Research Grant, the College will launch the Summer Jump-Start Program, which will provide 3+3 program students at the undergraduate level early access to College of Law faculty, connections with College of Law students and alumni, deep exposure to the legal profession, and training sessions to help prepare them for our robust curriculum as law students. Pictured is Professor Kevin Noble Maillard who spoke with interested students in Atlanta this past fall.

A rigorous evaluation design will measure the effectiveness of the Summer Jump-Start Program, to inform future programs and serve as a model for other schools to follow. 

Professor Kevin Noble Maillard speaking with interested prelaw students.
Professor Kevin Noble Maillard speaking with interested prelaw students.