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Alumni Association Report

Dear Alumni and Friends of the College of Law:

Amy Vanderlyke Dygert L'06
Amy Vanderlyke Dygert L'06
First of all, on behalf of the Syracuse University Law Alumni Association, I want to welcome the Class of 2019 to the alumni family. We are proud of your outstanding New York State Bar exam accomplishments, and we’re looking forward to the impact you will have on the legal profession, your communities, and your alma mater.

Welcome, also, to all College of Law alumni who have become reengaged with the College over the past year. I’m extremely pleased by the robust leadership and hard work demonstrated by the SULAA Board of Directors—which includes six new board members—to increase alumni participation.

Specifically, our Board has developed a new committee structure that welcomes all alumni to become engaged with their colleagues and students without requiring membership on the Board of Directors. Please reach out to me to get involved!

SULAA’s committees have been extremely busy in the past year, as these snapshots illustrate.

  • The Giving Committee, chaired by Komoy Jones L’05 and now James Domagalski L’90, has raised philanthropic participation by driving two Boost the 'Cuse campaigns and demonstrated leadership in giving by participating in the Class Act campaign and calendar and fiscal year-end campaigns.
  • The Engagement Committee, chaired by Upnit Bhatti L’15, has assisted the Office of Student Affairs by developing a Bar Mentor Support Program that matches recent alumni with students studying for the bar and offers strategic studying and encouragement during bar preparation. SULAA also creates and distributes care packages to recent grads studying for the bar in Dineen Hall during the Fourth of July “study slump.”
  • This year, the Inclusion Network was born, chaired by Staci Dennis-Taylor L’14. The Inclusion Network promotes professional and personal friendship, association, and affiliation among alumni to support future generations of College of Law students and to strengthen the College by celebrating our diverse population.
  • The Syracuse Law Honors and Reunion committees, chaired by Mark O’Brien L’14 and Rich Levy L’77, selected five distinguished alumni to honor at Law Alumni Weekend 2019, an event that saw record turnout and offered wonderfully diverse programming, comradery, and nostalgia.
  • Our Membership Committee, chaired by Matt Policastro L’02, brought six accomplished new board members to SULAA: Lauren Blau L’17; Ryan Goodwin L’11; Brendan Hall L’16; Astrid Quiñones L’18; Jill Sherman L’00; and our first LL.M. alumni Board Member, Donghoo Sohn LL.M.’13.

Impressively, on top of all this hard work, board members also spent time attending law school forums across the country, where they met prospective students and discussed the value of a Syracuse law degree—and, when in Southern California, enthusiastically explained all about our marvelous snow!

Importantly, the SULAA Board of Directors can proudly boast 100% giving for the past three years. We know that the law schools with the highest giving participation rate have the highest rankings, so it is important to recognize the value of participation, at any level, and to celebrate the way it demonstrates an affinity for our College and an investment in its success.

It is so gratifying to lead our dynamic alumni association and Board of Directors. The community we created during our time at Syracuse should and does support us throughout our professional careers, and I hope SULAA’s work to engage you, our fellow classmates, as your careers blossom will have a broad and meaningful impact among all alumni. Please consider joining us on this journey.


Amy Vanderlyke Dygert L’06
President, Syracuse University Law Alumni Association