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College of Law News

Hon James E. Baker: A DPA for the 21st Century

Friday 4/30/2021

If updated and used to its full effect, the Defense Production Act (DPA) could be leveraged to encourage development and governance of artificial intelligence. And debate about the DPA’s use for AI purposes can serve to shape and condition expectations about the role the law’s authorities should or could play, as well as to identify essential legislative gaps.

Hon. James E. Baker

Professor Doron Dorfman Cited in Slate Video Game Accessibility Article

Tuesday 4/20/2021

... One of the ironies of the poster’s false claims is that it overlaps with an actual theme of disability law discourse. Doron Dorfman of Syracuse University College of Law argues that “Fear of the Disability Con” has inspired a moral panic ...

Doron Dorfman

Syracuse University College of Law Faculty Place Scholarship in Top Law Journals

Tuesday 4/20/2021

Re-affirming Syracuse University College of Law’s position as a leader in cutting-edge legal research, several top 50 law journals have accepted or published Syracuse Law faculty articles during 2020-2021 ...

College of Law

Hon. James E. Baker: Ethics and Artificial Intelligence—A Policymaker's Introduction

Tuesday 4/20/2021

Policymakers contemplating the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence will find, if they have not already, that existing laws leave huge gaps in deciding how (and whether) AI will be developed and used in ethical ways ...

Hon. James E. Baker

Professor Nina Kohn Explores Nursing Homes, COVID-19, and Regulatory Failure in GLJO

Friday 4/16/2021

Professor Nina Kohn’s essay explores the COVID-19 crisis in America’s nursing homes and its lessons for the future of long-term care.

Nina Kohn

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